Observatorio para las Relaciones Internacionales UEM

Due to the recent events that took place in the past months, everyone had finally realised what Ebola is; a threat.

Curiously, we suddenly changed our minds about this infection when it spread to our countries, to our homes. Was Ebola a threat or a matter to take into account before its expansion? Were we really conscious of the situation of the main affected areas? And the most important question: have we done enough to help the citizens affected in those areas? We believe we definitely didn’t. Let´s focus on the sub-Saharan Africa region.

First of all, western countries governments have not send sufficient medical aids, and when they did, almost 18,600 African citizens were infected and other 7,000 had already died.

In fact, not only medicines are needed. To fulfil the treatment against Ebola, basic means such as drinking water are extremely important. The treatment focuses mainly on the…

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