Los Guasoneros



The Guantanamo group, approaching popular danceable music, the most widely disseminated internationally, prepares a new album and a fixed space in the newly opened House of Culture Rubén López Sabariego, enthusiastically said the lead singer Alexis Aguilera Lara, who was recently awarded in the easternmost province of Cuba.


For the singer Alexis Aguilera Lara, who is the second prize winner among 16 vocalists in the seventh edition of the provincial Composition and Music Performance Competition Lili Martinez Griñán, late last year, for his performance of the guaracha “Debajo del ombliguito”, by Robert Warner Herrera, it was also another success for Los Guasoneros, of which he is also the administrator.



One of the eight members of the group directed by Lorenzo Rodriguez Írsola (Chicho), the bassist and music arranger of the Guantanamo group that has reached the public of about a dozen European countries in three recent annual tours, sponsored by the Cuban Institute of Music and the company Musika Kordiés, Alexis also performed the winning conga of contest for Carnival Music of Guantanamo in 2013.


From the stage of the Plaza 28 de Septiembre, in the populous southern part of the city , and the community of Paraguay, Los Guasoneros made the Guantanamo people dance at the festivities marking the 55th anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution, with several of the 22 guarachas, boleros, sones and changüises of its active repertoire, the same popular music acclaimed in the European tours in 2010, 2010 and 2012 that prompted the manager Mariano Cordiés Fonseca to announce to this reporter, on a return visit to Guantánamo, “The Guasoneros are always expected in Europe.”


Of a Santiago de Cuba family, Cordiés is also the author of two songs that were included on The Guasoneros’ CD with his own production to the promotions on the Old Continent, and, according to Alexis, they are getting ready to record a new CD on the recording studio of the rebel, hospital and heroic city. Other authors of Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba included in the repertoire are the director Chicho, Eliades Ochoa, Carlos Borromeo Planche (Cambron), Rafael Inciarte Brioso, Electo Rosell (Chepín), Reyes Latamblé Veranes (Chito) and Roberto Baute Sagarra (the creator of El guararey de Pastora) and of course not excluding the long-beloved songs like the bolero version, as popularized by Pacho Alonso, Niebla del riachuelo and the tango by Enrique Cadícamo.



“Soon we also create our own gathering Los Guasoneros in the House of Culture Rubén López Sabariego, of Guantanamo, recently opened after an investment process of restoration that retuned the building to the Guantanamo people, located opposite the central park José Martí of the city, for which we coordinate with the Department of Culture in the chief town,” Alexis explains, who, in turn, has kept a night show with popular songs in the Piano Bar Cerca de Ti, also downtown.


Yaneisis Oquendo and Lislién Charon Duvergel are the other vocalists who complete the payroll of the group who are still singing the son and other Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, and Cuban popular rhythms, by the iconic Guaso River that crosses the city. Because the music of Los Guasoneros is danced here and abroad.


Source : Venceremos


Translation: Liubis Balart Martínez

Tomado de: http://www.radioguantanamo.icrt.cu/englishwebsite/index.php/guantanamo/arts-guantanamo/2946-los-guasoneros



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